Letting Go To Grow

"The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different."  ~Peter Drucker Howdy!

We hold on to things.  We hold onto feelings, people, places, jobs, experiences.  We take photos of food for goodness sake!  We don't seem to be able to let things go.  We believe that we can actually stop time, that we can stay in one place.   We make promises to never leave.  We sign contracts to always stay in place.  We believe we have control over growth.  Not so much.

Everything must change, nothing stays the same, the young become the old, mysteries do unfold (to quote one of my favorite songs).  At some point all the holding on will begin to feel burdensome and unhealthy.  At some point we won't want to wear the same jeans day in and day out.  Most of us are not there yet.  We live fearing the inevitable.  It is amazing to me how afraid of 'endings' we are… and beginnings for that matter.  Change is enough to send most people over the edge.  The most interesting part of this fear of change is how we handle it after the shock has worn off.  Most of us find that the grass is greener when all is said and done.  We realize, if we are being honest, that change is growth and growth means becoming more of who you are, learning more about the world, and ultimately evolution.  Staying in one place is akin to the death of the body or being inanimate.  When you don't move you die.

When you allow change to happen without the fear and the fuss you end suffering.  You are also better able to see where you weren't allowing for a blessing to enter until you made room.  Sometimes making room is letting go of what isn't serving you any longer.  That could be a relationship with a person, place or thing.  It could be a way of thinking or habits that you have acquired over the years.  Letting go of the stories we have retold time and time again allow for the greatest growth and the deepest change, which, in turn means you are opening yourself up for the biggest blessings and more life.

I take stock of my life consistently.  I end what doesn't work (though sometimes it takes me some time) and am always headed towards my dreams, my goals, my self.  I know that the more space I create the better able I am to fill it in the way that makes sense for where I am in that moment.  It is important to let go of the idea that where I am right now is where I will be… or that who I am right now is who I will be.  We are all, every single one of us, in progress.



"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly" ~Henri Bergson