What A Trip

Heya, What a trip I've had. Sometimes trips are just trips. You go, you see, you do various things, you come home... You aren't really challenged and therefore you aren't really changed. Then there are trips that shape you, shift you.  You go, you see and then you discover something else, something you didn't know you needed to discover.

When I traveled to South Africa a few years ago I learned much more than I could have dreamt.  I was shoved into clarity around many areas I had been foggy on. My priorities came clear.  I had been in a troubled relationship and ties needed to be cut definitively.  I was working in advertising and felt completely unfulfilled. I was coaching rowing and didn't think it was exactly where I would end up, it felt too small but I wasn't sure what was next.  I saw South Africans disliking themselves the same way African-Americans do.  I had conversations with white South Africans who felt African-Americans shouldn't call themselves African.  I spent time on safari and realized I hadn't been really still… really, until then.  It was an amazing trip.

This trip was pretty similar.  Work stuff has been clarified and I am ready and excited for growth and expansion.  I connected with my family in ways I've always wanted to.  I feel clearer on my next steps in my life and love.  I am healing faster when I'm hurt seeing people wanting to be other than who they are.  I know where I'm going and why I've taken the roads I've taken to get here. It's all pretty great. There is an excited stillness that comes over me when I am living my life's purpose. There is a confident knowing. There is love.

How do you feel when you feel like you are on the right track? What sensations are associated with alignment to the universe for you?

I am on the plane heading home as I write. When I get there I have a class to prep for, animals to love, clothes to wash and memories to keep. I also am beginning a new chapter; one I am super excited to experience, thanks for joining me on my journey.