No Clouds

Howdy, I am safely in the Big Apple and ready to see folks and hear folks and do 'thangs' and what not.  I have to say that it is HOTTTT.  Like too hot.  90-100's hot.  I don't miss the heat living in Seattle.  I enjoy sleeping soundly in the cool temperatures we have there.  Waking up to this heat is sort of stressful.  You wake up knowing right away that you have to move according to the heat.  You are drained a bit before you begin anything and you (or at least me) try to find somewhere that has some air conditioning… because my brother's place doesn't have any.

I spent last night with my father, brothers (two of them), sister-in-law, two of my nephews and a groovy poet named Neiel.  My father's place is a creative person magnet.  On any given day you will find poets, dancers, singers, painters, writers, etc.  In all honesty, that also makes up my family (except for the dancers, we don't have any dancers in the immediate family).  The evening began with a listen to my father's new album, produced by my brother Pharoah (an amazing singer, writer and producer), with vocals by my sister-in-law & brother-in-law.  We danced, we sang, we had a blast.  My nephews got in on the action after they played a game of chess (the 11 year old beating the 14 year old and letting us all know about it).

What follows is a little over 5 minutes of a hilarious evening of acting/improv and just adorableness.  The poem is called "No Clouds" and as his father said, I would bet that it wasn't written down!  Ha…

Here it is: No Clouds