Oh Me Oh My!

"Worry is a misuse of imagination." ~Dan Zadra Yellow!

I know a lot of people who worry.  They worry about what they are going to eat, what they are going to say, what they are going to wear, what they will do with their life, when they will eat, when they will talk, when they will wear what they have picked out and so forth and so on.  Basically I know that many people feel very, very unsure of how to navigate the waters of life because the worst case scenario is the most likely one for them.

I sometimes think about how I don't worry and how that came to be.  In all honesty it is a long story that I will totally abbreviate, for now.  For one, I didn't have a parent that worried outwardly.  My mother is very stoic and as such kept things to herself.  She was basically a force that seemed unshakeable.  I have seen her cry twice, maybe.  Either way, I didn't grow up in a household that was tense with concern for what may or may not happen.  Though we were poor, we believed that things would work out.  I truly don't know how much my mother stressed, and for that (and much more) I am thankful.  I truly grew up believing that things would work themselves out and that there was ALWAYS a solution.  This is true, if you believe it to be.  I also had experiences where I worried, only to see hours of my life be sucked dry and the very thing that I worried about either happened or didn't.  Basically, I realized the time it took to worry was better spent having a good time.  I found that enjoying my moments made whatever the outcome less intense.  I learned to stay grounded.

The issue for so many is that they don't believe there is a solution to the woes of the world.  Additionally, being grounded is not a state that they are in consistently.  A worrier lives in a state of insecurity.  They have a really, really hard time believing things will be ok.  Usually they have gone over the worst case scenario in such detail that it plays out the way they feared the most.  Even when they believe they have played out the positive and think things are going to be ok there is a strong undercurrent of doubt.  If their fears are realized they feel that they are 1) are justified in their worry, 2) are now more convinced than ever that things turn out poorly for them no matter what, and 3) feel powerless over what concerns them.  Often those who worry have a hard time working on their own behalf with the same tenacity that they work against themselves.

When you spend your mental energy on the very things you don't want you will get those things, tenfold.  When you do the same amount of work on putting out what you love, what you get is the love back, tenfold.  It is as easy as that and as difficult.  I know that many of you may find yourself in a whirlwind of concern, worry, fear.  Decide now that you are open to moving towards love, curiosity, breathing and letting go.  See what shifts for you.



"Troubles are a lot like people, they grow bigger if you nurse them." ~Author Unknown