Still Movement

Howdy Doody! "Choices are the hinges of destiny." ~Pythagoras

Decisions, decisions.  I make a ton everyday, as I am sure you do.  Some of us are quicker and more decisive than others and some avoid making decisions at all costs (which in and of itself is a decision).  Because I am someone who is usually pretty decisive, I can become impatient with others who take a while to process and figure things out (in my personal world).  Generally, the frustration stems from my feeling used if the person who is indecisive relies on me to be the decision maker when we do things together.  Even though I can make decisions quickly doesn't mean that there isn't work, thought, or energy behind each one.  I enjoy not being in charge sometimes.

The longer I am around and entering into relationships of all kinds the better my understanding around making decisions.  Basically, if you are not sure then that is the information you need.  Not acting on something is as important as acting on it if you feel ready to do so.  It is important to understand that being still (or the appearance of being still) is as important as moving forward (or the appearance of moving forward) when it comes to decision-making.

I am not someone who likes to plan too far ahead… let me rephrase… I have goals, many goals.  I have ideas of what the future I would like looks like.  I manifest my reality on a regular basis.  I have to plan ahead to do so.  However, the majority of my life I spend living it in the moment.  This can be hell for planning travel when I am planning it with someone else.  The truth is I find deals last-minute.  I always have.  I love deciding to go somewhere and just going.  Spontaneity is one of my favorite joys of travel.  I don't plan the activities on a trip, outside of finding passes to various fitness centers, instead I go with the flow of how I am feeling.  My gut tells me when to look for a ticket, when to be still, when to do just about everything.  The gut is also my intuition, spirit guides, what-have-you.

For so long I believed that gut meant action.  And now, even when looking at how I travel, I don't act because my gut tells me it isn't time to; "the right deal hasn't come up yet for us" it says.  My non-action is me acting at the direction of my gut.  When I realized this I became more patient with those who struggle through making a decision.  I began to understand that not acting was moving forward behind the scenes.  I am not saying that some people don't get paralyzed by having to make a choice… I am saying that making choices can be another way of staying in the same place.  Both stillness and being decisive are needed for growth and forward movement.

There are those who aren't in touch with their gut or guides, and that is another issue altogether, but in the same vein, they are exactly where they need to be to get where they need to go.  When you find yourself in a place where a choice isn't presenting itself, that is information.  Enjoy where you are when you are how you are.  Decide to decide or not to decide, if you will.  It is your choice, and it is good.

"Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant." ~Jim Collins