Parks & Recreation

Woohoo For Friday! I saw a Parks & Rec truck today and it got me thinking.  I remember when that kind of job would have been something I was open to.  The idea of driving a truck, being outside the whole day, talking to people and having someone you drive with usually, yep, that would have been appealing.  I also remember when that was the only job I thought I could actually wrangle, so there was a pang of an old desperate feeling that also crept up.  I then realized how all of those crazy ass, ridiculous jobs I have had, and in some ways hated, got me where I am today.  Seriously.  If I hadn't driven that FedEx Truck I wouldn't know that I would NEVER do that for any amount of $.  It was one of the most unfulfilling jobs I have had, except the driving training was a blast.  I LOVE driving big trucks and I love defensive driving courses.

I have worked at a store where I picked out people fruit and veggies because they were not allowed to touch them:

Customer:  I would like a bunch of bananas for this week, a pineapple for today, avocados for tomorrow, and lettuce.

Me:  Ok, Just one moment.

Then I would bag it all, ring 'em up and off they would go.

Full service produce.

The Middlesex Fruitery.

Seriously an AWFUL job.

If I were to list all of my jobs or attempted careers it would take too long and you would lose interest… so I will save it for a later blog post.  However, looking at that Parks & Rec truck today got me thinking that job, for those guys, may be a job they hate that will bring them to one they love.  A job that at some point they will be so done  with that they will refuse to ever settle again.  Maybe it is to them like the MIddlesex Fruitery job was to me, or maybe it is like my shoe shining job, exciting and fun.  You never know.

Remember that we are all where we are supposed to be.  You cannot save anyone but yourself.  I don't mean you don't offer things that are available or lend a hand if you have it to lend.  It means that there is no need to feel bad, sorry, or guilty over someone experiencing life.  You can, if you choose, put that pitying energy out there, or you can choose to put the energy out there that helps guide them to their life's purpose.  I know that all of the jobs I had have allowed me to NEVER want to be in a situation where I am not, in most ways, running my own show.  Or, at least, working in the industry that feeds my soul.

It takes most of us a long time to find our direction, only to change it repeatedly.  Sometimes it may seem like we are hitting a wall or even going in circles.  All of the set backs, switch backs and back tracks are moving you forward, whether you can see it or not.  Have faith, keep smiling and forge ahead, there is light there.