You Are Significant

Hi there, You impact the world profoundly whether you know it or not.  Just your breathing alone changes the trajectory of particles that change the way the wind blows.  Unless you have never been born to someone and never interacted with anyone, you matter.  Existence is basically synonymous with importance.  All things are important in some way to some thing.  One of the first things that we need to know as little babies, toddlers, children, young adults and grown-ups is that we matter.  We are significant.  

You are not invisible, you are not just a number, you are a living breathing miracle that is lovely and crazy and awful and sweet and obnoxious and everything under the sun.  You are capable of amazing feats of courage and of base acts of rage.  You are here to change the world and be changed by it.  You are created on purpose and you will live a purposeful life, even if you don't see it as such, and you will die, on purpose.  How you choose to create, witness and digest the world you co-create is up to you, but it never takes away the fact that it wouldn't exist in the way that it does without your existence.  Every encounter you have, every thought that you send out affects countless other people and things.  Your very thoughts permeate time and space and give rise to thoughts in others.   

We are connected no matter how alone you feel.  You affect me and I affect you.  We are small parts of an infinitely growing whole.  We have lost the big picture due to being so entrenched in the present iteration of our selves.  We can make a conscious change in how our world operates and what it creates and allows to exist.  First we must wake up.  Consciousness isn't a given, isn't something that is unrelenting.  Many choose to be unconscious even when they are given the opportunity to see.  Are you choosing to close your eyes instead of having sight?  How are you living your life?  Numbing out, choosing to believe what you do to you doesn't affect  anyone else.  Drinking, eating or ignoring your sorrows and fears away not understanding how your hurt holds us all back; not understanding that you are a part of the larger picture and that you really do matter.  

When you live your life loving yourself, truly and knowing that this is the greatest gift you can give to the universe, reverence of what is, you allow and demonstrate for others to do the same.  When you are generous with your love, which is easy to do when you have filled yourself up, you help all of us move on, move towards oneness with ourselves and each other.  You matter so much that the world would never be the same without you.  So instead of trying to figure out a way to be small, not make waves, jump around, splash, smile, love and own your significance.  We are all better for it.