against the grain

To Not Follow

Hey Hey! So many people are unhappy with their lives… Be honest, what would you change if you won the lotto? Would you keep your job? Would you stay with your partner? We keep doing what we keep doing and never stop to think about how most people feel the same… and people make up the rules. Well, I am a people you are a people, what the hell PEOPLE??!! Why are we repeating the same sh*t over and over? What if we finally woke up and did something different? What would happen? What if the ones that make the rules, "us", made different rules? Do we actually believe that there is no better system than what we live in. It is like we are in an abusive relationship and we refuse to see a way out of it. We don't enjoy how we live yet we refuse to change it???

The next best part of this is that we teach our children to live the lives we loathe, to some extent. We show them that we are ok with not being ok and that this is the only way. Our children grow up believing that they are supposed to follow in our footsteps. How are we ever going to bring about change if we teach our kids to do the same things we did? What about giving them the insight to go another way, to forge a new path, possibly better and certainly different. There are so many choices, so many ways to go… yet we force our ideas of right and wrong (even though the right way tends to be the unhappy way) on them with no regard for the idea that we don't know much of anything really. What if we told our children what we really thought, felt and desired? What if we let them know the pitfalls of following the crowd, what if we demonstrated to them what it was like to do what made their hearts sing instead of making their pockets fat. What if we changed how we went about running businesses and got back to doing trades. What if we figured out a new way to operate and created a different system to work under. What if we believed that there was something more, something better that we have yet to discover?

Our egos, fear and expectations keep us from sharing our true selves with one another. If we were to get real and say what we really felt, their would be a lot more unity I believe. We hide, lie, and suppress our feelings so much that we begin believing that we have no choice with how things are. In 400 years will we still be punching a clock and pushing papers or typing emails all day? What is the point? Seriously? What are we working towards? What do you want your future to look like if you won the lotto? What would you want to do with your days, day in and day out? Teach this to your children, tell this to you friends, write about it in your blog. Speak your desires… the universe will listen and so will everyone around you. You can totally live a life you dream of if you dare to dream.


xo a