Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Hey there, So much of our world is made up, a response to programming, not purposeful or deliberate. At the same time there are very real manipulations and calculations that are happening all of the time. To me there is a lot of confusion, frustration and circuitous bullshit. Humans make life so much more complicated than it needs to be and, in many ways, refuse to take a route that is simple and loving because it isn't what they have been doing regularly. It boggles the mind, or at least mine, sometimes; why in the world would we go toward something we know to not work because it is already in place instead of doing something different, trying something new? We care more about being safe than about being magical and wondrous and smart; really? We literally refuse to challenge ways of doing things because the new ones haven't been done. This is why it takes so much energy to advance; it is truly like pushing a snowball up a snow covered mountain. As the snowball increases in size (change) the snowball gets larger and larger (resistance to that change).

We have a 5 day 40hr/wk workweek, which is actually more like 50-60 hours sometimes including a commute. We generally live beyond our means, borrowing things on credit only to then get farther and farther into debt; which is owing imaginary money, since you haven't made it yet. We believe that finding a relationship, getting married (and going farther into debt), buying a house (even farther into debt) and having kids is how we are meant to do things. One or both parents are doing the 40-60 hour/week thing and the kids are wherever the hell you put kids during the day, paying whatever the costs. Sounds like a roadmap to hell, if you ask me. At no point are we actually asking ourselves if these things, choices, the best for our spirit, joy, health and happiness. We are so conditioned to do what was done before that most of us don't even really ask ourselves if what we want is what is expected. What if we didn't want what others have already done? What if the way it has evolved needs evolving? Isn't that how development happens… things change? The amazing part of all of this, for me, is that most people are afraid of what they really want.

We get into relationships blindly repeating previous (failed) relationships. There is a reason they didn't last, why in the hell are you going about finding a new one in the same way you found the last one? We set up our lives in the same way others have egotistically believing that, though we have huge incidents of depression and disease in our culture, we will do it right and it will turn out differently. You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result? Insanity I say. We have so many examples of how things don't work yet we change our minds to believe that how we age is normal and having mid-life crisis are a matter of time; some of us even believe that getting a disease just "runs in the family" and that there is "nothing we can do about it." If we can believe in things that haven't happened yet in that way, why not believe in the stuff we want to happen? We fail to take a step back and ask how we can do it differently or avoid that altogether. We believe that misery is just a part of the equation and we hope we dodge the bullet though we are standing in front of the target, like everyone else.

Wake up. Please. Wake up and see the infinite choices that have yet to be tapped. Wake up to the idea that there are at least as many ways of doing things as there are people on the planet. There are no limits that are set for us, only those we set for ourselves. Your life is a blank canvas and everyday you choose to paint someone else's art on your life. The only thing that will fit you perfectly is what you create for yourself. Let go of the need (conditioning) to fit in, be like everyone else and follow in the footsteps… we aren't zebras trying to dodge lions. We don't need to blend in to survive. That is the beauty of this human experience, we can choose what that experience is. What a gift, don't waste it.


xo a