True Story 1.18.13


We make excuses for our way of life all of the time.  We are amazing excuse makers.  I hate insects.  They scare me.  Why?  Who the hell knows.  I mean honestly, save for the assholes who bite me, I have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to insects.  But forever I have justified my killing them if they landed on me or made their way into my home.  I have justified harming a little being because I was afraid.  It probably was too.

There are horrible people in the world.  They do horrible things.  They deserve the most horrible thing you could do to them that isn't torture, cause that is illegal and our country doesn't do those things (hah).  So let's kill them.  I have always known that killing someone stopped everyone else from killing.  It is the best idea that has ever existed.  I mean, an eye for an eye is how you teach compassion right?  What if we gave the person who had done something against humanity their humanity back?  What if we put love all over and through and around them?  Have we ever, ever tried to harm less in the face of fear?  Have we ever tried to bring love to someone who is obviously lacking it?  No we haven't.  Instead we make excuses as to why we have to kill this or that person.  They aren't able to be rehabilitated, they are evil, they are an abomination.  We are a warring country.  This country was built on the blood of so many of my ancestors, and yours.  Pain and suffering is a part of our heritage and we just make excuses and glorify it.  What if we looked at it, our history, for what it is.  War, theft, abuse, rape, misuse, lies, deceit.  Instead we talk about freedom and say that immigrants don't belong??? What the fuck?

We eat animals.  Yep.  Wait for it.  We don't just hunt because we are hungry.  It is not about necessity.  We have animals that are bred just to be killed.  Just to have babies to kill them.  We farm souls.  We farm beings.  We don't care that they are horrified.  We don't care that they would get so far away if they could.  We don't care that they don't want to die.  We like the way they taste.  We laugh.  We think it is funny.  We create lies about nutrition so we feel like we HAVE to eat them.  How much pain does it take before you feel something?

Why so many excuses?  Why so many lies?  Where is our compassion?  Where is our love?  Sometimes it all gets to be so much that I feel overwhelmed with sadness and then I remember:  I need to have compassion.  We are learning.  We are growing.  We turn our heads away from the truth when it hurts.  We hate to hear anything that  might make us have to take responsibility for what we are actually doing.  I refuse to turn away anymore.  I refuse to let you turn away if you are open to loving and hearing me… I won't let it or anyone else go.  I am here to speak up, to stand up, to give love unconditionally.

Until we stop making excuses, until we stop denying how we are treating each other the pain will continue to grow.  You matter.  Everything you do, no matter how small matters.  Stop the excuses and make a difference.