Preparing or Procrastinating 2.9.13

Hello Love,

I was told recently that I was procrastinating.  Now, this isn't something that was shocking, as I am a wonderful procrastinator.  However, I felt that maybe the person who was reading me was a little harsh or just didn't know what they were talking about.  It wasn't like I was sitting around watching paint dry.  I was and am working in so many ways.  I teach, write, connect, counsel, train.  I mean, if that is procrastination then what is hard work???  Since that very direct conversation I have been told by three other people that I am ready to live my dreams… not as direct as the first conversation, but clear to me.

The first conversation was obvious, no deciphering needed.  The next few nudges were subtle-ish:  First a client telling me how she and her partner are not going to put off moving abroad and starting their retreat business like they had planned.  They were going to open up a restaurant and establish themselves so they could then open up what they really wanted in South America.  Now they are just moving, getting it done without the prefunk business.  Second nudge: a friend telling me to listen to a podcast and then finally saying, you could do this and people would listen…  This reminded me that I have had this on my "to do" for 3 years.  Hmm, procrastination anyone???  Third:   Another friend wanting to get my website and anything else I needed around that done for me.  Fourth:  a request to be the fitness expert for a TV spot.

So.  Have I been procrastinating?  Am I procrastinating???  Possibly maybe and sometimes yes.  I think when you don't go after what you know you want you are procrastinating.  You can tell yourself you are preparing, you are readying yourself.  You can say you don't know how to begin.  I have said all of that and more.  However, I know that movement attracts movement.  Movement in the direction of my dreams will attract movement in the direction of my dreams.  Though I am moving in that direction, there may be a more direct approach (to put it directly ;).  Sometimes we feel like we need filler to go where we are going, certifications, recommendations, validations from this person or that.  Those are all well and good… I mean you cannot practice law without passing the bar.  However, you can push yourself as far as you can with what you have and not worry about what you do not.  If you aren't challenging yourself you aren't growing yourself.  Growth is life and I love to live.

Where, in your life, are you being nudged?  Pushed?   Beaten over the head?  What do you feel like your life could be?  What are you doing to get it there?  Seriously?  What is "holding you back" and what are you waiting for exactly?  I say jump.  Go all in!  Life is short and worthy of being enjoyed at all costs!

Risk is freedom.