To Be 2.11.13


Not everyone is supposed to solve the world's problems.  Not everyone is supposed to be a healer at this moment, not everyone is supposed to see the Virgin Mary in a pancake they make this morning.  Some are supposed to struggle, be confused, wander aimlessly and believe in Satan.  Regardless of where anyone is, that is where they are supposed to be.  If you haven't found the guide to the universe yet it might be because you are looking in the wrong place.  You are the universe.  Look to yourself.  Trust in your process, your journey.  When you figure things out in your life you inevitably move everyone else along.  Trust that your working on you is as important as Tony Robbins holding a talk for thousands.  We are all a part of the whole and the whole at the same time.

We tend to have a hierarchy of who is or what is important.  So many people devalue the journey to self as not enough… as not being a part of helping the world  You are the world.  Within you is the universe.  You cannot heal the world if you are leaking love, wounds, confusion and fear.  Your goals are misguided if you don't use yourself as the reflection of the world.  Where are you hurting, where are you fearing?  You don't have to be the one who brings gifts to others in the same way Gandhi did.  Your work on you is big enough to create changes that ripple out in huge ways.  No act of love is too small to create a huge change, especially when you spend your time putting love into you, into your heart, your mind, your words, your actions.  When you walk around and are able to just raise the energy level of a room just by being, words are unnecessary, preaching isn't needed, energy is universal.  When you put the energy into you that you want others to feel, they feel it.  We are connected and there is no getting around that.  You cannot do to yourself without doing to others.

So often when we discover a new piece of information we want to give it to others.  This is a beautiful thing.  I know that I have been there.  I learn something new, something profound and feel the urge to spread the word.  Sometimes it is ok to let the information actually sink in.  To incorporate it into the fabric of your life is to share it in a way that is much more profound and effective than telling others what you "know."  Living your truth is a much more powerful tool than telling it.  Besides how do you know if you don't give it a shot.  How can you go from point A to point Z without visiting a few letters in-between?  We are a society of fast food, quick fixes, and drive through enlightenment.  We, are often missing the point.  We are often spinning in circles hating where we are.  The point is so simple and so anti-climactic for many that even when they are told it they would rather find a more seemingly complicated path.  Honestly, being is not easy.  Which is why so many people are doing… doing things to get somewhere, doing things to know things, saying things to hear things… instead of just being.  Most of us have no clue how to be.  We seek out ways to get away from ourselves with drugs, food, or other distractions.  We find projects to take up our time (things or people).  We do any and everything we can to get away from the real lesson and that is to be, who we are, where we are no matter what.

Try being today.  Try being where you are and loving every moment of it as if you knew you were exactly where you were supposed to be, doing the GREAT work.  See what comes.