Change Is Growth Is Life 2.3.13


I find that my writing and my life flows effortlessly when I am authentic.  When I write what I need to regardless of what someone might feel when reading my words the writing is more like exhaling.  Anytime I attempt to write for a specific audience my voice is muffled.  Then there is the fact that I don't really know what you would think or are thinking at this very moment, yet I have, in my middle of the night/morning writing sessions, tried to gauge my audience before expressing my thoughts.

What a waste.

We all do it though.  We all wonder how we will be received.  We all want to be accepted and loved and to reach those we are reaching out to.  What we, including myself, forget is that those who we reach were reaching towards us as well.  Those who need you are who you need.  It is a completion or meeting not a strong-arming situation.  When you say what you mean, do what matters, love without reservation, those who need to hear your words, receive what you offer or are open to your free loving self are there, ready.

Those who need to hear me are listening.  I need do no more than speak or write.

The only thing you could possibly do against creation or yourself would be to stop doing what matters to you.  The only thing you could do that would dam up your growth is to stop risking, living, doing things regardless of what someone might think.  Telling ourselves stories about what we could happen or did happen or will happen, in order to keep us where we have been, is like pushing someone down, underwater.  It is death.  It is not breathing.  Movement is the natural state of things.  With movement sometimes there is friction (and sometimes that is great) and sometimes there is flow.  Either way there is change and change is growth and growth is life and life is to be lived.

So speak, dance, write, love, be any and everything you desire.  Don't worry about whether or not I love it, like it or want it.  If it is in my world it is for me and I will take it how I need to.  You just keep on keepin' on.