Expect The Unexpected 2.5.13


Sometimes things come to you in packages that don't match your wish list.  You may have dreamed and wished and hoped and prayed and meditated on your present for days, weeks, months, even years.  You may have designed, in your mind, how it would come to you, what it would look like exactly and the wrapping it would be in.  You might have become satisfied, almost, with the dream of your present.  You might have been ok with the wishing and in some way the wishing became a placeholder… or not.

Then you receive something.  It doesn't look like your present, not the one that you asked for… It didn't come in the wrapping you had asked for and gone over detail by detail in your head.  It may not even make you feel the way you thought you would.  You might feel absolutely opposite of what you thought you would feel, or you might feel deeper about it than you would have imagined, could have imagined.   Basically you couldn't have planned this, this was something else… this was the doing of the universe.

I am sure you have received something you were expecting but not in the way it was delivered?  Of course you have.  Maybe it was a job, a pet, a lover, a friend.  Maybe it was a change in your life that came in the form of everything you owned being burned in a fire.  Way to start over wouldn't you say?  Maybe it was getting an opportunity to spend months on end alone and becoming the best friend you were looking for.  You just cannot predict how your gifts, your wishes will come true.  Just know that they do.  They certainly do.  We just need be aware of the fact that we cannot dictate how we get something but we can be ready for it to come.  Open, receptive, accepting, loving.  We can be curious.  If nothing else, be curious.

So, the next time you ask for the same thing again or something new, remember you may be ignoring it presence in your life now.  Your gifts are all around you, everyone you meet is something you have asked to come to you in some way or another.  Take none of it for granted, look beyond the packaging, beyond your expectations to see the true nature of the universe being a creative universe wanting to give to you without reservation, just with its own twist on things, its own spin.  Life is fun when you let go.  Life is exciting when you stop trying to always 'know.'  Trust and openness are the lanes in the land of happiness.  Curiosity is the drive towards it.  Enjoy the unexpected.