The Gift of Feeling Blue

Hello!!! When you are feeling the most lost, the most downtrodden, the least confident is when you are the ripest, most ready for a growth spurt.  Sometimes you may feel like you aren't yourself, you have lost your way, you aren't happy, that there is something wrong.  Maybe you notice a disconnect between who you thought you were and who you are recognizing you are.  Maybe you feel like your aren't living your 'best life' (as Oprah would say).  Maybe you are just feeling blue with nothing to pinpoint the cause on.  It is during these times when you are beginning.  You are starting again.  You are about to be given a lot of information and your feeling so low is readying you to be able to receive.  It is hard to take things in when you are all filled up.

If (which I find hard to believe) or when this has happened for you what was your response.  So often we look towards food, drug (including alcohol or any other recreational indulgence) or outside stimulation to numb us to feeling.  This may be a temporary fix but it isn't sustainable and it blocks the information that will bring you to the next level of awareness that you (or at least your soul) is seeking.  When you numb yourself you don't allow yourself to feel how the blueness changes with the gifts you are receiving almost immediately upon feeling lost.

Let me explain… the feeling of being lost is in itself a gift.  It is a signal that change is coming.  That there was something that wasn't working.  This is awesome!  It is the signal that tells you that you aren't on track.  This is a great warning, there was danger ahead that you are now alerted to.  Numbing yourself doesn't allow you to avoid it.  When you feel lost for some time you begin to ask for help.  You actually reach out for someone to assist you.  You may ask for different perspective, you may ask for company, you may ask for some other form of support.  This is fantastic because we aren't islands.  We aren't put here to fend for ourselves.  We are here to help each other and in that way we help ourselves… and it goes the other direction as well.  It is one and the same.  When you are feeling like you are not where you need to be you move!  You change.  You GROW.  You make choices you wouldn't otherwise make.  You do things that you wouldn't have thought of if life didn't push you towards them.

Take a moment, if you are down, when you are down and thank the universe for the gift of change.  Then, keep your heart, eyes, ears and intuition open.  The answers, my friend, are blowing in the wind.  They are abundant, they are for you.  The universe gets really excited when you are ready to listen… so much so that the answers can be so loud as to be deafening, if you really listen.