What's Good???

Good morning! It is Tuesday!!  :)  Gratitude breeds more gratitude… isn't that awesome?   This only  takes a few moments to do but gives to you for much, much longer.  So put down whatever you are doing and take a couple of minutes for yourself.  Every Tuesday morning I am going to ask you to write down 5 things that you are grateful for and email them to me (keep for yourself as well).  What are you feeling gratitude around?  Here are mine for this week:


Taking Risks.

Fountain Pens.



There are no right or wrong answers.  It is about what you are grateful for.   It is proven that doing this once a week for three months (actually just 9 weeks) makes you happier, healthier, exercise more and less sensitive to perceived slights.  You will sweat the small stuff less and focus on what really matters.

So… what are you waiting for???

Food for thought:

We are all deserving of love.  We are all worth someone loving all of who we are, without changing.  You never need to be something for someone except all of you for yourself.  Remember to ask yourself if you are happy, if you want what you have where you are?  Don't settle because you think you cannot do better or because you are hoping that someone will become someone they are not.  Love what is… that is all you have and it is enough.  It really truly is.



We are exactly where we are supposed to be doing exactly what we are meant to do, right now. :)