Blanket Them In Love

Howdy, It is interesting how the child who does well in school is never focused on if there is one that isn't doing so well.  As a rowing coach I remember spending more time on the athlete that was having the hardest time understanding the stroke.  The ones that were solid, that had picked things up quickly, would not be coached nearly as much.  They held the boat together while the ones who weren't at the same level were showered with suggestions and coaching.  You can look at just about any situation or any relationship, the one that isn't working is the one that sucks our attention.

I have, in the past, dated the squeaky wheel often because it was a great distraction from my own rickety foundation.  Often we don't know why we do what we do, but there is always a reason.  Who is sucking your attention right now?  Who is the squeaky wheel that you are putting your mind and attention towards.   Is there someone else in your life that is consistently awesome, someone who is always there and doesn't need help?  They seem to never have issues and are there for you when you do?  I have a little secret, they need your love.  They need your attention.  They need your lifting up.  They are the ones who never really get it or have a hard time hearing it.

We don't realize how the ones who shine need just as much polishing as the ones who are crusted over.  After a while, the bright shiny ones put on a protective and see through coating that keeps them where they are but never allows them to grow under the sunlight of all of the love that is out there.  The are able to reflect the love they do get but it often doesn't penetrate because they are expected to be awesome and usually it isn't paid that much attention.  That lack of attention wears on them as it would anyone else.  They work hard to stay bright.  They love themselves and shower themselves with attention but may have a hard time receiving from others because they aren't used to it on the same level someone who is constantly being assisted is.  The saying God takes care of fools and babies says it all.  If you aren't a fool or newborn you are on your own.

Love is warm and cozy and everyone needs it.  Love is soft and fuzzy when everyone feels it.  Who can you show you love and adore that already seems to know it?  How can you support someone who doesn't seem to need it in the same way the energy drain in your life does?  See what happens when you blanket those bright stars in the bright light of love you have to offer.  Try it and see what shines.