Practice Fearlessness

Howdy, What happens when we let go of our fear?  It is funny how many times we need to be reminded of who we are before we begin to listen.  We are the creator of our world.  So when we fear we create that which we want the least.  What would your world look like without fear?  It is a fantastic exercise to put into practice regularly.  Start now.

My world without fear looks like this:  I reach out more and ask for the support that would allow me to do the work that I do with more ease.  I would call up a couple of people and let them go from my world.  I would contact the people who I admire and ask for advice, mentorship or just talk.  I would only eat fruit (I am almost there).  I would let go of past pain since I hold onto it to keep me from being hurt in the same way (funny, huh?).  So, I see myself, eating better than I do, allowing assistance and loving fearlessly.

Write down what your world would look like.  You can email or respond in the comments section.  Either way, imagine it.  See you without the limitations you place on yourself.  You will overcome your fear when you are ready or when you have to.