Beauty In the Breakdown

Good Day! Sometimes we see our life as a fortress, we build it with sturdy walls that will protect us and forever keep us safe.  We try to protect it, we try to keep it from being exposed to the elements.  We try to hide ourselves.  We create neat and tidy walls, brick by brick.  We feel safe, we feel secure.  Then life happens, something big enough to shake our foundation, and our walls start to crumble and our world opens up and we are not pleased.

I believe that we resist the 'bad' stuff so much that we miss all the good stuff that is in it.  We are so busy building the wall that we forget to live the life that we are protecting.  There is something amazingly beautiful about the tragedy of life.  I know this may not sit well with you now, or maybe it does… but the rawness that we feel when we are reminded of life being messy, unpredictable, relentless, fragile, and difficult to bear, that rawness is a gift.  Being reminded of the uncertainty of the world is important; we are better able to appreciate the world when we see how short a time we are able to be in it.  Being placed in a position where our composure is tested gives us information about how far we have come and that there is always room to grow towards acceptance of what is (in the world and in ourselves).

When we decide to panic, freak out, worry, focus on the things that could go wrong, or simply shut down, we are choosing to ignore the wealth of information that the experience is sharing with us.  Not that all of the above responses aren't information, of course they are and if you respond that way, well, that is where you are and that is ok.  I believe, however, that you can choose to be open to what is under the fear.  When the fear stops life begins.  You are able to see the journey as this starlit path with miraculous events happening every step of the way.  When you let go of what you think you know, what you believe 'should' happen and are open to what is actually going on, you are better able to calmly and powerfully change your world to move in the direction of understanding, calm awareness and ultimately love.

Try to remain grounded during the next 'tragic' moment in your life.  Assess what is possible for you to do to help the situation and figure out what you have no control over.  Be honest.  Let go of your false ability to help what isn't in your realm of control and do what you actually can.  The help isn't always in the way you think.  Helping may look like you doing a lot of self-care.  When you take care of your soul/spirit/energy you take care of those around you.  Help may be doing something directly or indirectly around the situation.  Help may also be letting go.  Breaking down, in so many ways, is the beginning of building up and for every brick that falls, thought it may take a while to see, there is your beautiful life steadily being freed.