What Goes Around

"Kindness is wisdom." ~Philip James Bailey I am constantly reminded that what you do comes back to you.  Call it karma, call it cause and effect, call it the way that it is.  I am told often that someone knows me or has known me through one of the ways I work with people, whether I met them directly or not.  I can say that I've never been told that someone had an absolutely awful experience with me in whatever capacity we'd met.  I take this to mean that my intention to share my respect and gratitude for others is felt more often than not.  For this I am grateful.

The importance of being kind, genuine, loving and open to people regardless of the situation or their status is priceless.  You simply never know how your treatment of them will return itself to you.  Moreover, you do know that you will impact them regardless.  What kind of impact would you like to have?  What kind of energy would you like returned to you?  I have seen so many people get annoyed with someone they work with and treat them poorly or flick someone off when driving.  I have seen coaches yell at their athletes and instructors behave like they are superior to all of human kind.  I have seen people disrespect one another and not realize that ultimately they are disrespecting themselves.

I remember when this was drilled home for me.  I was late getting to the boathouse for practice and someone cut me off.  I was pissed and probably made angry hand gestures (no flicking anyone off, but it was obvious that I was pissed).  Well, the guy was rushing to get to my class, which was just awesome for me.  I never let myself forget that.  I have also been interviewed by someone who I had, years previous, coached.  She told me, and the entire room full of interviewers, that I had been the coach that made her feel safe and competent.  She commented on another coach that had been "awful" to her and thanked me for being patient and loving.  I have been very lucky to be told, repeatedly, that I matter.  I matter in ways that I don't always comprehend.  Well, this is true for all of us.  Just today, I met with the owner of an organization I want to join.  The owner had already 'met' me before.  She had taken a class from me a few months ago and loved it.  :)

When I train instructors I remind them that someone important will be in class… someone who will impact their world.  I tell them to bring it every time; to inspire, encourage, and embody their ideal.  That person that is important is everyone in the room, including the instructor.  We all deserve to show up for ourselves and each other.

If you are being treated 'poorly' by someone try to remember that they are treating themselves even worse.  Maybe reminding yourself that you matter will change your response.  Maybe reminding yourself that you can change the movement of the world through kind and generous thought and action will change how quickly you take offense and react.

"The good deed you do today for a brother or sister in need will come back to you some day, for humanity's a circle in deed."  ~Robert Alan

"Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it's being done to him or by him."  ~Frank A. Clark