Happy Monday! I was listening to music, which is basically 80% of my day :) and needed some intro class, cool down music for one of my mixes. So I let songs float into my head that I know and one stuck out called Weather The Storm by Kindred Family Soul. I love this song for the melody, the lyrics and the energy behind it. I was reminded that I had begun an email/blog a couple of days ago about this topic of Love and decided to scrap it due to it just not being the right time. Today seems like Love wants to be written about so here goes it…

Most people want others to do things that they want them to do. When I say most I am talking about 99% of us. It is natural to want what we want. But is it love? If someone you love wants something that doesn't work for you and that may take them away from you how would you reply? We speak about love so freely and yet we don't actually make it a daily practice with ourselves and others. How do you treat yourself when you want to do something that would go against what you thing others want you to do? Are you concerned that you would "lose" people if you followed your heart? If you lived your dreams? If you made choices that you felt resonated the most with you? What if your partner wants something you do not? Does that make you feel unloved? Do you want to change what someone else wants? Be honest.

I put a small part of the song by Kindred Family Soul below for your reading pleasure:

Voice 1: Hey baby, you know I need to make this move, right? I don't want to go, I don't want to leave you. Voice 2: I just want you to be happy, that's all. V1: On one hand it is what I want, what we need, I don't know. V2: Just do what you got to do... I really don't think you understand you need to break from this place, you've got dreams and aspirations and I couldn't bear it, if you didn't go you'd only resent me, and I could never allow that cause I love you completely. So fly, be an angel if you gotta, take the stars and clouds put 'em in your pocket and hold 'em, bring 'em back for me."

Do you see love in that way? Have you ever been able to allow someone you want to want something other than you and be supportive of it, even if that means them being gone… leaving? What does someone else's happiness bring you? Is it conditional? Do you find yourself wishing you could make someone want something that you want? Does your love disappear when you don't get what you want?

By looking at how we "love" we can learn so much about our lives and the people in them. By opening yourself up to loving others as they are, where they are and how they are we can do the same for ourselves. The only person that you control or that can do what you want is you. We try so hard to please others in the name of love we sometimes forget to make sure we are loving ourselves.

Who is in your world that would benefit from you loving them right now?

xo a

Here is a link to the song: