Second Movement 1.27.13


When you are ready you will get it done.  Over the years working with students I have had to reiterate this to them time and time again.  We almost always want a quick fix, an immediate solution.  Very few of us want to sit in our shit and sort through all of the bits and pieces that are found in it.  It is hard, stinky work… it doesn't feel good.  But this is a process by which we move to wherever it is we are going.  You sometimes have to wait… for the right time.

The word 'waiting' might give the wrong impression… the work that is being done while you aren't making the changes you so desire is anything but waiting.  It might feel like limbo, you might feel like you are repeating and repeating and repeating.  But it is like going over lines that you must memorize.  You may need to read and reread and reread again to find the nuance, the meaning behind a meaning, a word that you didn't catch, a tone that comes up only after you are familiar with the script… a pattern, a spark…. you will have to repeat until you actually get it.  I mean GET IT… and when you do you will know.  You will move on.  You will be ready for what is next.

All moments are learning moments… and whether you think you are or are not, you are getting something from them.  You have had this happen, the moment you know you are done with something and ready for something else.  You cannot explain why it happened at the moment it did and not the moments before.  You just know you are ready.  It is a glorious feeling that is the same way for everything in your world.  Whatever it is that you are asking for, whatever it is that you want you deserve.  You have the same right to joy as everyone else on the planet.  No one is more entitled than another.  You have the same right to change what you do not want as well.  All of this brings about joy.  However, when you aren't getting either, what you want to come into your world or what you don't want to leave it… it is because you are getting something that you need and you aren't ready yet.  

When the student is ready the teacher will come.  When the change is needed the change is inevitable.  When you are ready to stop doing the same things that you have been doing you will find a way to make it so.  There will be no question, no if, ands or buts about it.  The help may fall in your lap, you may stop at nothing to seek help out, or it may be spontaneous… either way there is no rushing these things.  Get out of each moment, each opportunity, each lesson all that you can.  Your life is a symphony.  It is just that each instrument is being heard out of context at times.  You have to step back and be still and listen, to hear the grand orchestra play the work of your life.