Multifaceted 1.28.13


Different aspects of ourselves show up based on who we are around and how we respond to them.  It is imperative to be around a number of people throughout our lives in order to see all the facets of our selves.  It is right when you think you know yourself when someone shows up and brings out a side that you just didn't think existed.  A side you may have judged in others or thought you were above.  A side that you thought you had buried.  A side of you.

When we are faced with ourselves through an interaction with another we have any number of ways of dealing with it.  We can give that person credit for bringing something out that no one had, we can blame them for making us feel this way or that, or we can look at it all as information about our present state and decide what, if any, work needed to be done around said behavior.  Most of us opt for blame.  We desperately want someone else to be the reason for our behavior, our feelings, our issues, especially when any of those things are unpleasant.  We have a really hard time being responsible for our feelings, reactions, thoughts, emotions.  We behave like spoiled brats most of the time and it is no wonder we are always at war, unsatisfied, and unappreciative.

Just as you are triggered by others, you are also a trigger.  You may be in someone's world simply to piss them off.  It is true.  You might be a reminder of something that someone needs in order to move through the issue that it wasn't safe to move through when they were younger… phew, that was a long sentence!  At any rate, you are on both sides, being blamed and blaming.  Being the reason and looking for one.  Just as it is important to take ownership of your shit, you will also have to release ownership of other's shit.  Basically, you will have to relinquish your superhero status.  You are not the cause, my sweet.  You are only a tool.  :)

Once you let go of being responsible for how someone feels you can be fully responsible for how YOU feel.  You can then choose to bring the energy that you want reflected back.  You can choose to trigger the joy or the pain in yourself and others.  You can make the world you live in awesome or not so much.  Though we aren't responsible for others feelings, we can decide what we would like the energy of our world to be and send it out and send it in.