Let Love Rule!! 1.10.13


Love is abundant.  Really.  That doesn't always mean we feel it, embody it, share it or are aware of it.  It is like air.  Supporting us whether we acknowledge it or not.  Love doesn't judge or have feelings.  Love doesn't have a preference or a better probability in one situation or another.  Love just is.  The issue isn't that there is a lack of love, the issue is our ability to receive it.  We have many blocks to feeling it, living from within it and sharing it.

I always remark on how we have no problem sharing our frustrations, sharing our pain but are hesitant to share our joy, our happiness our love about things with others and we especially have fear around sharing our love towards others.  What gives?  Why do we hold back that which could possibly make the world the utopia that is possible?  Well, in my opinion, the answer is a lot longer than can be covered in a blog so I will touch on just a few reasons I feel we withhold our love and we feel very little coming in.

First, we withhold our love.  When pipes are backed up nothing can flow through them.  When you don't give something out you leave little room for anything to be given back.  Love is no different.  You need to stimulate energy, get the juices flowing, so to speak.  Withholding means you aren't allowing a natural exchange to happen.  Energy/Love gets stuck if you don't shake it up, give it out and take it in, like anything else.  It's like you become love constipated.

Second, we don't understand love because it is literally everywhere.  You know the saying 'can't see the forest for the trees?'  Well it is something like that.  Love is literally covering us, lifting each foot with each step, creating each breath, managing all biological processes, motivating all thoughts and urging all experiences to come into existence.  It's like those 3D photos you have to squint your eyes to see the actual picture.  We have become blind to love… we have to squint our eyes to see it.  Because we aren't looking with our 'right' eyes we think we have been abandoned by love.  So we lash out, we hate, we withhold, we hoard, we isolate, we destroy.

Third, we believe that there are limits.  We believe that there is a limited amount of air, space, time, desire, stuff and love.  We have a scarcity mindset.  We think that if we give it away there won't be any left for us.  It is like believing your heart has only so much love to give, like it was given a certain amount to give when you were born and if you deplete that you are just out, out of love.  We are love… it is what we are made of and it is what we are here to create.  There is no limit.  Our internal universe rivals any external one that we can find on the best telescopes.  Do you ever run out of things to complain about?  Do you ever run out of things that delight your senses?  Do you ever run out of ideas, good or bad?  Choices?  Experiences?  Basically things just keep going and going and going.  Where is the limit?  Where is the scarcity?  Even beyond this human existence we have been shown that things don't just end.  Energy is neither created nor destroyed correct?  So energy/love is infinite… much like everything else.  As above, so below.

Say you don't believe that love is abundant… maybe just start with you having some to give out… see what happens when you do.  Do you feel depleted or do you feel filled up with more love?  If you feel depleted you are probably giving out expectations and not love.  There is a big difference, one is creating the other is destroying.  Test out the theory of love being everything and more.  See how you feel after letting it flow… you just might be transformed.