Express Yourself 1.11.13

Hello Hello!

Saying what you want, meaning what you say, communicating directly is something that happens so rarely.  There are so many of us that are worried about being loved, lovable, liked, enjoyed, desired, that we safeguard what we do and in turn never show up.  We hover somewhere in the background hoping that someone, anyone, will see through the facade… at the same time being afraid that someone will see through the facade.  We bend to meet the will of others hoping that will put us in their favor.  The power that is given over is amazing.  The fact that one gives their power to another and the other does the same is so sad it funny and then sad all over again. Few are seeing the danger that comes with being other than your true self.  Harmony is lost when authenticity is sacrificed.  You are not able to shine when you tarnish your very integrity.

I was told today by a friend today that I should always be direct, that it is a sign of integrity.  It is how I am most of the time and I know that it freaks people out, I know others aren't always ok with my being direct.  But hell, some people aren't ok with my being black, smart, vegan (soooo many people freak the f*ck out about my desire to let animals live it boggles my heart, soul and mind), articulate, not-straight (I don't enjoy the word bi-sexual… I like more than two kinds of sex thank you very much and though I am happy, I am not gay all of the time and queer is queer to me), independent and so on and so forth.  So, why let someone being off put by my direct communication style motivate me to change it.  I will continue on my path and those who aren't traveling my way can find their own.  That is quite alright by me.

I also don't want to read someone's mind.  I don't want to be put in the position (and even if I am put in that position I will resign from it) where I have to figure out what someone really meant (unless they are my client, then that is a part of the deal).  Yet this is what we have been told is normal.  Well these days obesity is normal, does it mean we should all stop working out and head over to McDonald's or Wendy's and chow down regularly??  So I will continue to communicate clearly, directly and hopefully attract others who do the same, and, if I have my druthers, help those who have a hard time using their voice, learn to do so.

Think about your communication style… what is it?  How is it working out for you?  Do you feel like you can effectively communicate your inner world to others?  Do you feel like it is an honor to figure out how someone else is feeling, to read another's mind?

Keep on keeping on and being the best you that you know how to be!