More Is Possible

Hi there! I have been busy prepping for my book which will be finished sometime mid year 2014. I will be blogging a few times a week as I continue to make space to write the book. Writing along with my clients and teaching at Flywheel keep me plenty busy, but I am accepting new clients for a bit. I also have a workshop series coming. Stay tuned for details! Now, onto that good stuff.

When you are dreaming up something amazing do you see yourself with a limited amount of imagination? If you were to imagine a world would you make some people poor and others wealthy? Would you imagine a limited amount of food or just a portion of your people having access to necessities? When you create, does your ability to create run out, do you run out of imaginary grass or trees or people? Why then, when we are imagining a different way for things to be in this world, do we take things away from some to give to others. We have been duped with believing that someone has to be without, that there isn't enough to go around, that when someone has more than someone else they are not sharing properly. What if there was always more, always enough to go around. What if this world was as magical as the one we can create in our minds?

When you imagine that there isn't enough you are left to be pissed off by those who have more than you. You immediately are in a place where you are divided and against the "other." There are the "haves" and "have nots" which means that there will be conflict. Conflict leads to more conflict. Scarcity thinking leads to a false sense of the world and to conflict. It is hard to create more when you think things run out. When you come from the place that there isn't enough, then there isn't enough. What if the ones who have a "most of the wealth in the world" aren't the enemy? What if the enemy was how we looked at what was possible, our belief system? What if we are wrong about there not being enough for everyone? Try it, imagine abundance. What if the truth was abundance is what is real and the rest is just a lie?

How are things changed? How do we create a present and future that is different that anything that has come before? We imagine it. That is how we do anything different from what we have done before. You have to decide things are better, are more ideal. The more we buy into what has been the more stuck we get on repeating it. We feed what we don't want and don't expect it to grow, it is absurd. What you put energy into will be, at some point, the only thing that you can see. We know this intellectually, we have to put this truth to work in our favor. Start visioning a different world where we all have whatever the hell we want. Vision that no one has to give up something in order for someone else to have something too. Instead of believing that there isn't enough, imagine that there is more than enough for all of us. Isn't that more fun, a much more yummy dream to dream of?


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