The Gift of Annoyance

Hello there! Who is getting on your very last nerve? Where do you find the challenge in your life? Is it a job, a person, a situation, a behavior? Well, wherever you are finding yourself challenged send thanks to it/them. Without that irritation and agitation you would remain as is mostly. Discontent breeds change. When we are uncomfortable we work to move towards comfort, and with this movement there is growth. Though we often fail to see it, the ones that bother us the most are giving us the best opportunity for progress and growth. It doesn't mean we are happy about it, but it does ease the frustration if you remember to appreciate their place in your life.

We, including myself, tend to want things to be nice and easy. We want people in our world to make sense and do what we want them to, usually we think that those things are the same ;) The thing is, people aren't here to simply appease us or enable our behavior. People and situations are here to reflect back to us what is happening on the inside, where we have a hard time seeing. The lovely interactions, easy relationships, those are reflections of your world too, we cannot expect to only see the sunshine, without the night the day wouldn't exist. So those people who show you the shitty side of life, who bring up things that you cannot stand, who you would prefer to just not deal with because it is so much work… they are truly gifts for your soul's growth.

Often we would rather do anything than be uncomfortable. In that place of anger, irritation, discomfort you can find the areas that have been neglected, denied or suppressed. When we are brave enough to see ourselves in those situations or people, we can truly begin to heal, to love ourselves. Instead of running away, see what happens if we look at the other as ourselves. If we take our irritation as information about what needs healing in us. If we look at the discomfort as moving up a level, getting ready for an exam. Life is all about learning and learning takes stretching, leaving what we knew behind to go toward a bigger idea, a deeper understanding. Embrace life's challenges that come in all the ways it does. When you do accept that there is something to be learned in every thing, and from everyone, you will find that your challenges become less and less and your outlook shifts to one that sees the gifts instead of the hardships.


xo a