Free Your Mind

Good Friday! We have so many ideas about things we don't know anything about. We think that relationships should look a certain way, that we should feel a certain way about those relationships, that there are ways to have them and ways to end them. We believe that there is a way to love that is right. We believe that there is a way to love that is wrong. We believe that people should know things that they don't. We believe that there are ways to be that are good and ways to be that are bad. We believe all of these things because we are told that these things are truths. We rarely stop to ask ourselves if we actually feel differently. We are not taught to think critically. We are not taught to forge new paths or think outside of what society thinks is acceptable. We are taught to follow, to be quiet, to accept authority and to do what was done before and be ok with it.

It is no wonder people are depressed, suicidal even. It is no wonder there is violence and hatred. It is no wonder why there is an underlying feeling of fear, stress and uncertainty. Serenity is not valued, love is not openly practiced and we are all but robotic in how we live our lives. The very notion of saying what isn't deemed appropriate brings up fear for most people; let alone saying something that might sound like you believe something that hasn't been sanctioned by a government or a church. Our values are steeped in systems that are broken yet we still believe that anything other than going along with the status quo is just asking for trouble. Think about how you judge rule breakers or people who are on the fringes of society. There is a reason those who do what resonates within them are called "free thinkers." They aren't allowing themselves to be tied down to a rule or form and, in some way are able to bring their souls desires to the forefront and truly be true to themselves.

You could do with an overhaul in thought more than likely. You could let go of your ideas or right and wrong and find what makes sense to your soul. You could be honest about that uneasiness that you have felt most of your life, that sense that something is off. Life isn't what you thought it was, people aren't who you think they are and you really don't know much about much. The thing of it is that knowing that you have been marching along, following orders, not really thinking about your own higher self's values, drives and direction, gives you power. When you recognize that you can decide your feelings, beliefs and, in that way, create your world, you have been given a gift, a magic wand. You have been given the opportunity to not just look beyond the curtain, but to leave the building that you never recognized was keeping you from all that lies beyond it; there is an infinite universe out there where your judgments about life don't matter in the way you think they do. I think it may be time for a visit to it.

See how you begin to lift off when you let go. See how you begin to find joy when you step away from shame, shoulds, judgments and supposed to's. Try it.


xo a