My Hand In Yours

Hello, Reach out, when you are low.  Reach out, when you are lost.  Reach out when you are feeling like you have no one to hold onto, not even yourself.  Reach, and someone, something, maybe your self will reach back.  The thing is, and this is something I am guilty of, when we need to be reached we sometimes cut ourselves off from connection.  We push others away, we close ourselves off, we don't give our concerns, worries, issues a chance to be shared and held by our community and in turn dissipate.  Talking, sharing, giving others the chance to assist actually allows our souls to let go of the burden and brings to the issues a perspective that is hard to find when we carry them alone.

We aren't just here to struggle through the world alone.  Look around, see how many of us are going through the same thing.  We are all mirroring each other.  We bump into the energies that are most like our own.  We are, right now, all of us in contact with others that are in similar places, that are dealing with similar things, that are feeling a similar way.  If each of us, opened our mouths and were vulnerable, if we were honest, we would allow others to do the same and in the same way, hold our pain, share our pain, and help release it… and we can do the same for them.

Be open regardless of whether others are open with you.  In other words, don't wait to be held to hold.  Don't wait to find that one that can hear you or love you to hear or to love.  Be bold, be honest, reach out and when someone does the same, be there and reach back.