Find A New Love

Hi There! I love potato chips.  I love potato chips with vegan cream cheese.  Unbelievably delicious.  I have eaten my weight umpteen times over in potato chips.  I have gained weight eating my weight in potato chips.  I have stopped eating potato chips almost completely.  I don't know when I had them last.  3 months ago maybe.  I have had Pop Chips but that is the extent of my potato chip indulgence.  I feel great not being weak around potato chips and, honestly, not craving them either.

I gave them up because I was tired of eating things that didn't have a purpose.  I wanted to stop counting calories and eat what my body needed.  When we eat the foods we are meant to our bodies don't get heavy, sick, laden with fat cells.  So many of the things we eat have an ingredients list.  Often we cannot pronounce what is  in the foods we feed ourselves and our families.  It is scary.  We have been trained to look at serving size and calories.  We have to stop eating at a certain amount regardless of whether or not we are actually satiated/full because the serving size is a, b or c.  Wouldn't it make more sense to eat until we felt satisfied and not concern ourselves with the contents or calorie count?

So often I hear people say that they "could NEVER give up _________.  You can fill it in with cheese, meat, eggs, gum, candy, wine, coffee, or anything else you have heard or felt yourself.  They need to eat it.  They love the taste of blah blah blah.  I immediately think about what they are really saying.  When you say you could NEVER give something up (that isn't air, water or nutrition) I think ADDICTION.  Just an FYI.  Maybe you would prefer to always have it, but if you knew it was keeping you heavy, sluggish, irritable, weak, foggy and sick would you want to continue?  If you knew that without that thing you just needed to have, the quality of your health would increase, would the taste of that thing be enough to keep you attached to it?

Own what you do and what you eat.  Know that you have the power to let it go if it isn't serving you.  Learn about what you are eating.  See how what you put into your body affects everything.  Your moods, your nervous system, your digestion, your energy, your clarity, your ability to feel and share love are all either dulled, taxed or cleansed by the fuel you put into your body.  I am not sure how we aren't all clear on food being the number one issue in life.  When you eat something that has no life in it how do you expect it to nourish you?  When we are concerned about too much of some 'food' item being a bad thing maybe that thing needs to be looked at with an objective eye, or two.

Finding a new love around what you eat and how isn't awful.  When you align your food/fuel with what makes sense for your mind, body and soul your worry floats away.  You may find yourself wanting to sweat more, move more, and/or possibly look in the mirror more.  I have a lot of new loves that trump potato chips.  One of which is cashews and dates.  Mmm Mmm delicious.