Going Through It

"The only way out is through."  ~Alanis Morissette Pain avoidance.  This is standard for many of us.  To do whatever you can in order to not feel feelings that are unpleasant.  The problem is that the pain doesn't go away with the avoidance, it gets buried.  I have spent a lot of time either moving from one painful thing to the next without much time to process, either because the trauma happens so soon after the last one or because I make life too full to feel sad.

Admittedly, I enjoy joy.  LOVE IT!  It is so, well, awesome.  I also enjoy getting out of painful situations as quickly as possible.  I am rather adept at it as well.  I simply don't feel the need to dwell on something that doesn't lift me up.  However, in my rush to get to joy I have sometimes tried to move past the feeling of shittiness in all of its nasty glory before getting to all of the stuff the pain would like for me to learn.  In turn I have unacknowledged pain that will, inevitably, need an outlet.

Feeling deeply brings up many things in us that we may not enjoy.  Our feelings of self-worth tend to be attached to our feelings of pain.  We judge why we hurt, we blame others for hurting us, we curse those who we believe don't understand our pain.  Basically going through pain can make you a bit nutso.  The truth is the feeling gives you so much if you allow yourself to go there.  There is something rich in understanding why you are hurting, really getting to the crux of it.  You may not be able to move past the thing that triggered the pain until you actually process all of the things that led to you attaching pain to the event/situation.

If you are finding yourself repeating situations in your world that lead you to a place of sadness you may be hard-headed.  You may not be getting what the universe is saying.  You may need to slow down, listen in and get what you have been given.

Good luck.