Welcome to my new home!

"When the student is ready the teacher will come." Years ago my mother said this to me. I remember that I understood her on one level and was happy to hear this lovely comforting idea. It is an idea that supports patience and faith. You will be given all of the answers when you are ready to receive them. If you don't have the answers you aren't ready. Basically, be where you are and accept that it is where you are supposed to be… for now. I just finished a bunch of behind the scenes stuff for my website. It is a blog for now and will grow quickly, I am sure, into a fully awesome website that offers much more than my daily thoughts, musings and inspirations. But, for now, this is where it is, where I am and what I want to share with you.

I began my blog journey about 10 years ago (or more) and never stuck with it consistently. I had a personal training client who told me to write. She had just had her first book published and the rights bought up by Teri Hatcher. After receiving a nice fat paycheck she told me about her journey. I remember saying to her how I had always wanted to write. My father is a writer, my mother is a writer, my sister can do whatever she decides to, my brothers are writers, singers, poets, actors, etc. (I have a BIG family). I remember telling her that I wasn't as good of a writer as some of my family. My mother can describe a spoon over two pages. I simply don't have that kind of language for describing things in detail. She told me that I wasn't my mother (which I was relieved to hear (I LOVE YOU MOM)) and that I wrote differently, which was great.

Now, skip ahead to now. I have, for many years, known that I would write. I have so many plays either finished or barely started, screenplay ideas sketched out and journals upon journals. Finally, now, I am ready. You cannot fake being ready, you cannot skip ahead to the future. You have to be where you are right now. So if that now is ready to write, then I am now ready to write. My teacher happens to be anyone who reads my words and loves them, hates them, agrees with them, sees spelling or grammatical errors in them or is indifferent. You are all able to teach me because I am ready to learn.

So thank you! I hope you enjoy all, some or none of my posts! :) It is your choice always.