Off of The Chain Gang 1.17.14

Hey Hey!

Maybe it will take more than what has happened in your life to finally get you to take some chances and make some lasting changes.  We are very stubborn when it comes to doing things differently than what we have been doing.  It is at the point where we are so absolute in our ways that we would rather die than go against what has been drilled into us.  How does the world change if we are adamant about staying the same?  How do we move the world forward when we keep looking to the past so we know what the steps to the old ass tired dance is?  At some point you will be exhausted with spinning your wheels, or you won't... and that is the day that it will all either stay the same or completely change, for good.  The nice thing about spinning your wheels is that it is by choice; even if you don't fully recognize that choice as yours, it still is, and you can stop when you choose to.

So why do we forget that everything that we used to know is no longer true (blacks being not fully human; the world being flat; women not being able to run long distances; most drugs for most things being safe). Why are we so sure that what we are spoon-fed is safe to eat, think, hear or take as the gospel?  Where do we get off forgetting that training isn't the same as educating.  Most of us are trained to behave, speak, think a certain ways, only do what we are told we are meant to do and never question.  Well, I am suspicious of anything and anyone that tells me to follow blindly... my knowing is way more accurate than what I see on the news.  My gut will let you know about things that I have no direct experience with.  So much for needing to be told what is what. What would happen if we were trained to listen to ourselves and tune into the natural rhythms of our soul, of our existence?  What would happen if we stopped relying on the outside to tell us about the inside?

We are waking up to ourselves more and more each moment.  We are recognizing that we have moved so far away from what and who we are and with that disconnection we have suffered greatly, and we have learned greatly as well.  We are also, slowly for some and quickly for others, letting go of what we knew to discover what we know.  The old paradigm supports ignorance and violence.  The ways in which we support "how it has been done" will have to be addressed because history isn't a reason to repeat something.  The question that has to be asked every step of the way, on every level that we are aware and awake, is "is it working?"  Is what we have been doing bringing life, love and joy in abundance?  Are we contributing to the development of our souls or destroying them?  Are we vibrating on the level of love?

When you can answer yes to that last question every time you ask it then I feel you are creating the world where we aren't training people to do what was done, we aren't walking blindly into the past and calling it the future.  When we are co-creating each moment purposefully we won't rely on anyone else to let us know how to be.  Until then, shake off habits, create new experiences and open up to what wasn't "possible" before.