Love, Sweet Love 2.14.13


Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  I love the hearts, the colors red and pink, the candy (though I am not eating sugar at the moment), the setting aside of one day that is for love and lovers.  I love it all.  I love to decorate my house with balloons and hearts and dress up in red and play love songs.  I love love.  It is awesome.

More often than not when I tell someone that VDay is my favorite holiday, they reply in disbelief.  Let's think about this… I have heart tattoos all over my body with many visible to the person passing me by.  I spread messages of love out into the world as a practice.  I sign my name with a heart over the 'i' in Aina.  And it is a f*cking kick ass holiday.  I mean, hearts are everywhere!!!  So much of people's disdain for it is due to being single, not liking being single, being unhappy, believing that they are too cool for school  The bottom line is, no one would be angry if they got loved on for Valentine's Day.

So on this day, where love is the focus, instead of being annoyed that Hallmark makes money, spread love.  Make this the day you begin to practice being sweet as a rule.  Maybe you let someone know how you feel about them with a little Valentine.  Maybe that person is you.  Take yourself out and paint the town red.  Love on yourself if you aren't partnered and love on yourself if you are partnered.  Say sweet nothings to the one you love and enjoy the idea of love being celebrated countrywide.  Imagine if we all harnessed that energy of millions of people setting the intention to love?  What if we took this day to create a shift in the world by keeping the focus on love, what we loved, who we loved, that we love?  What would be the outcome do you think?

Now, to begin my day with love...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!