Go Team!!

Happy Happy Day! We walk around behaving as if we don't matter.  It is not true.  We are all significant.  Each of us are integral to all things, including the animals, the trees, etc.

I love sports for many reasons.  One of which is the fact that it is very obvious that each person on a team is key to the overall wellbeing of the team.  It matters to the unit that one piece isn't ready, trained, mentally prepared or passionate.  I believe that most of us have been a part of a team in school where you had to do a project with someone (or maybe you knew someone) that just didn't hold up their end.  You knew at that moment how important we each were, maybe you just cursed them instead of giving them credit for being important, regardless, it is the same thing.  They mattered and they still matter.  How you prepare yourself for whatever it is you are set to do matters, to all of us, actually.

Imagine a world where everyone knew that they were a part of something bigger.  That they were on a team.  They felt like they could make things better (or worse) depending on how they lived.  That what they ate, what they said, the thoughts they had, mattered.  That how they treated themselves and others impacted the world in the same way that an athlete preparing in every way they possibly could would affect their team.

We are a part of something bigger.  There is a collective consciousness that exists.   You can observe how we make agreements in the world as a world by how various things play out globally.  We have decided that various things are possible, so they exist.  We have decided that other things are not acceptable, so they get wiped out.  What if we all chose to send out love most of the time?  What if we worked so much on how we viewed things that we changed the things themselves.  We can.  We do.  I am sure that there is something that you believed was good may now be not so good, in your mind… think about it in terms of jobs, relationships, clothing, things that you may have gotten rid of or left.  When you view changes the thing changes too.

Would you do the work of changing what you sent out into the world energetically if there was a chance that it was possible?  How hard would you work to do it?  What is stopping you from doing this all important work?

I believe change is inevitable and it is coming.