A New Way to Partaaay!

Howdy yall! Today was a busy day.  Sundays are my Mondays, so to speak.  I have 3 classes all in the morning, one after the other.  Today was a little different.  I agreed to teach a charity ride at noon, directly after my last class.  One of my riders at FlyWheel SLU had an idea.  She wanted to have a birthday celebration at her new favorite place.

She recently decided to get her health back.  In the past she'd been fit and focused on taking care of herself.  Years later, with children and work taking the priority, she found herself in not such great shape.  Enter FlyWheel and my class.  We connected right away.  Her energy is strong and direct.  She is a powerful person and is (as a friend described) a change agent.  She brings people with her wherever she goes… part of her journey is to be a catalyst for others.  I love seeing the people she brings to class to share in the experience that, for her, has been life altering.  She let me know that my brainwashing, er, um, coaching is working.  She no longer hates it and knows that she is doing good for herself.

Instead of having a party where she gets gifts and people eat and drink, she decided to have a ride at FlyWheel.  All of the monies collected would go to two charities of her choice and her guests would get to SWEAT!  It was a complete success, a full class and a great party.  I love that she was determined to bring people together for fun and health as a way to celebrate.

Her charity birthday cycle class  got me thinking.  What if we celebrated events in our lives by living our lives in a healthier way?  What if we went to a fitness class, took a walk or hiked when something amazing was happening in our lives?  Instead of destroying brain cells why not detox a bit to show appreciation for yummy things in our life?  For most of my adult life I have celebrated my birthday by working out.  I enjoy seeing where I am on this new year.  How am I doing?  Where is my mind at.  Am I connected to myself?  It is a time for me to reflect and reconnect with me.  I also don't buy into the idea that getting old means deteriorating.  So far each year I have gotten better.

I challenge you to take your celebrations to another level.  Are you willing to celebrate by loving yourself instead of numbing, destroying, and harming yourself?