Pot O' Gold

Top o' The Morning/Afternoon/Evenin' To Ya! When things are just right, just where they need to be, there is a click.  It may be heard, it may be felt.  Either way you have a sense of knowing.  You know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  Everything is exactly how it needs to be.  That feeling is amazing.  Have you had it?

When you are striving to reach a goal that isn't lined up with your highest self the journey is arduous.  It is like you are working against nature because you are.  Have you felt that way?

So often we are concerned with our end goal.  We have a number that we want to see on a scale.  We have an amount we want to see on our paycheck.  We want to own a home.  We want to have a car.  Much of the time we are unhappy or unsatisfied while we are working towards those goals.  Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is the idea of the end, the attainment of the goal.  As a coach, I know this method of training, growing, moving forward.  It works, surely it does.  There are a lot of things that work that could work better, that could make the goal less distant and easier to attain.

What if the feeling of it being hard is because we are approaching it incorrectly?  I am not saying that there won't be moments where you won't want to do something or that you won't nod off while writing a blog post .;) What if the joy in the journey is what was felt the most?

When the goal is lined up with the universe, the journey to it turns out to be the point.  One needn't push and shove to reach it.  On the contrary, the urgency ends up being the desire to do what needs doing now, in this moment.  There ends up being a sense of rightness in life, that things are lined up and ready for the taking.  When your goals match the universe, working towards them is no longer hard. The awareness around your goals changes and synchronicity becomes a way of life.  You understand that the steps you are taking to reach your goals are necessary instead of you 'having to do them.'  You see the journey as the gift(s).  You are left with the enjoyment of the moments, all of them, and know that the goal is just one of those moments as well.  The destination stops being so important because you have found the gold that most think is at the end of the rainbow.  When you are on the path the universe intended (higher self, etc) the gold is waiting for you at the beginning and throughout.  There is no wait, there is no end.  You are there, everyday in every way.