A Hairy Situation

"Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair."  ~Marcus Mosiah Garvey Howdy,

It occurred to me that I needed to write a little about hair.  I was told recently, in a matter of fact way, that my hair wasn't real.  I love the person who told this to me and understand that they simply hadn't any idea and truly thought that my hair was fake.  So, here we go.   Yes, my hair is real.  No, I don't have extensions.  Yes, I do it myself, most of the time.  As of late my sister has been assisting me.  I am super appreciative because I couldn't quite keep the back as neat as I like to, so she swooped in and cleaned it up for me.  No, you can not touch it.  Thank you.

When I was growing up my mother banned anyone from touching mine and my sister's hair.  This rule was implemented after my sister had come home with her hair smelling a bit odd.  My mother got out of my sister that some kids had been playing with her braids.  From that point forward there was a no hair touching policy that I basically live with to this day.  Fingers are dirty, people!  You would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn't) at the number of people who reach out and touch other people's hair, specifically mine, without permission.  I have been sitting in a chair at a concert only to be interrupted from listening to the music I had come to hear by someone grabbing my hair.  Seriously.  Touching it at the same time they asked if they could.  You know, it isn't about asking for forgiveness in this situation. I have also had people look at me and tell me that my hair wasn't mine or that they didn't think "we" could have long hair.  Yes, I seriously have been told this.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind talking about hair or how I do it.  I love to educate people in general.  Just don't reach out and touch my hair unless you are me, myself or someone who has permission.  :)  If you are curious, I welcome educated questions.  If you want to find a way to have your hair loc'ed, let me know, I am great with hair.  If you are just curious, reread this post or check out some websites about hair (there are tons and tons of them).

Oh, you can ALWAYS compliment me.  That is never a problem.  If you like someone's hair (or anything else, for that matter) please say so.  Love is welcome ALWAYS.

So, No, I don't plan on cutting my hair.  I have had my locs for 7+ years.  Yes, I wash my hair.  No, I don't use shampoo.  Yes, I can do your hair (and do it well), but it will cost.  Yes, I can do any texture of hair.  No, I don't do my hair every day.  No, I don't twist my locs, I use a latch hook to tighten my locs and I do them once every 3 weeks or so.

"The misconception that Afrikan hair is hard to manage is based on the custom of daily combing and daily styling one's hair.  Natural Afrikan hair does not need combing or styling everyday because hairstyles stay unimpaired for at least one week on average… most combs are unsuitable for natural Afrikan hair… to be able to comb through the hair on a daily basis cannot be used as a standard to define our hair as 'hard to manage.'  

Defining nappy hair as unmanageable based on the above standard would be like, defining straight hair as unmanageable because it… can hardly keep a braid, a cornrow or a curl.  It doesn't make sense does it."  ~Mireille Liong-A-Kong

Hair's to you having a fantastic weekend!