All photography provided by Trista Jennings

I am an entrepreneur, business owner, and Master coach. I have been an entrepreneur and coach the majority of my life; I spent my childhood working on my candy and tutoring businesses, and coaching friends into the best versions of themselves from the inside out. During my college years I joined the crew team where I became the top female rower in the program. Upon graduation with a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science I became a Collegiate Rowing Coach, Personal Trainer and Life Coach. After traveling the world whilst coaching crew I became an Indoor Cycling and Meditation Instructor. Now, over two decades since I graduated college, I have perfected methods to transform every aspect of the lives of my clients (and myself) to create a life that resonates in harmony with each person’s deepest truths. Using movement (sometimes), words (always) music (definitely) and energy (it is what we all are) change is inevitable.

When you are ready to go beyond what you’ve known and live what is possible, you work with me.


“Aina is a no nonsense kind of trainer in terms of her expectations for you to push yourself but she’s all nonsense during the process. She doesn’t allow you to give up and/or not to try. She doesn’t let you get away with lame excuses, cause I’ve tried. She wants you to put in the work and along the way she will quietly change your life in all ways, the least of which is fitness.”
— -Sarah Smith