All photography provided by Trista Jennings

Have you ever changed one thing in your life only to discover a domino effect? Slowly but surely (and sometimes not so slowly) other parts of your life change. You get a new wardrobe and you end up feeling more confident. You start working out and you no longer crave the same types of food. You end a relationship and you start writing a book you always wanted to. One thing leads to another because all things are connected to each other…

As a Transformation Coach I have clients that show up with different concerns initially. Some desire physical fitness/movement for sports specific advancement. Others want to lose weight and have no idea how to. Some are having a hard time making life decisions and still others are in pain and not sure why. Everyone that shows up is looking for help on the road to their best self. 

The best self for one person may is not necessarily the best self for another. We all have our own journeys with individual timelines. We all have special and unique life purposes and often need help uncovering what it is. Many times we are so bogged down by what we think we are supposed to do that we have lost the language of our truth. I am here to help you on your journey, I am your support.

I empower you to discover and recognize your own higher intelligence which affords you the ability to answer your questions and confidently lead your life. I create a safe space for you to stretch out and grow into your brightest self, enjoying the process along the way. Whether you are sweating on the bike, posing on the mat, gaining balance during functional training, talking through an issue, laughing about it all, crying from awakening, quiet in meditation or zoned out during a reiki session, you will come to know and love yourself in a deeper more impactful way than you have ever before. 

Mind, body and soul, I empower your transformation.



“Aina is a no nonsense kind of trainer in terms of her expectations for you to push yourself but she’s all nonsense during the process. She doesn’t allow you to give up and/or not to try. She doesn’t let you get away with lame excuses, cause I’ve tried. She wants you to put in the work and along the way she will quietly change your life in all ways, the least of which is fitness.”
— Sarah Smith