All photography provided by Trista Jennings

Working together is simple. Reaching out is easy. Take that step. 


Your life is your greatest work. Truly it is your only work. Is your life working for you? Let’s dig in and find out the why, how, where and when. Get ready for your entire life to shift. This is just the beginning.

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Health is more than you body… it is how you approach your body, how you think about yourself and your beingness. If you struggle with negativity and pessimism in your life. If you are in a toxic relationship with yourself or another, this coaching is for you.


Our bodies are magical creations. There are so many things that aren’t understood about them, no matter how much science studies them. Let’s get to know your body and make it the fittest you want it to be.

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Mind & Soul

This is for those who have “done the work” and are still trying to figure out why things haven’t shifted permanently. The seekers, the believers, the ones who desperately want to evolve but feel stuck here. Let us find peace together.