What’s the Fuss?

As a Transformation Coach (Mind), Personal Trainer (Body), and Healer (Spirit) I bring people to oneness.  After sharing myself with my clients, this is what some of them had to say.


Shannon K.


Training with Aina has changed my life in so many unanticipated and remarkable ways. Of course I've lost weight, gained muscle, gained endurance, etc., but it is the simultaneous shifts in my mental and spiritual well-being that really define the experience for me. The process of self discovery and self-realization that Aina's training has opened for me has enabled me to break through barriers of all kinds and given me a new lease on every relationship in my life, most importantly my relationship with myself. I've never felt so empowered and optimistic about my ability to affect positive change in my own life and the lives of others. Training with Aina has given me the space to fall in love with myself, and the confidence to share that love with everyone.

Shannon K.

Tavia K.

Tavia K.jpg

One of the many things I love about working with Aina is that she encourages me to know and love me. Aina provides the space for her clients to envision their best self and helps put the pieces in place to make that vision reality. Her coaching provides honest support and guidance, and her workouts cultivate inspiration and courage. Aina recognizes that no two clients are the same, and so, her approach is different with each individual. Working with Aina is not about staying comfortable and secure. She will help you change, and she will do so by nudging you to push beyond your own perceived edges, and not just in the physical realm. As your body shrinks, your whole self expands. It’s an incredible transformation that I am forever grateful for. Aina’s approach is intuitive and holistic. She can’t help but impact your entire world in her wonderful, Aina way.

Tavia K.

David Z.


I love getting stronger, healthier and more fit with Coach Aina! We initially connected because of my goal of preparing to run a Spartan Sprint Race, which to those who don’t know it is a 5 mile adventure race with over 20 serious obstacles and lots of mud. The thought of running one just freaked me out because I mostly sit on my butt while working and I enjoy of the culinary delights around Seattle. What I got out of working with Aina was not only a more fit bod, greater stamina and a confidence that helped me not only finish the Spartan Race but also to get back into adult gymnastics. One thing you’ll notice immediately is her endless energy, stellar attitude and gentle accountability. By the way, I have a recurring lower back issue and her workouts were always sensitive to it so I could still work out and go on about my life without issue. Loved that! Make sure to ask about her nutritional education and coaching too…I recommend her to everyone I know who want to get fit and in shape, she’s so awesome!

Lyz C.


I first met Aina through Flywheel where she is an amazing instructor but quickly realized that if I wanted to reach my fitness/health goals I needed to spend more time with her. She is genuine, committed and cares deeply about your success. She’ll do what it takes to get you wherever it is you’re trying to go. She doesn’t ever let you think that your goal is unattainable; she knows that it is, even and especially if you don’t. She tailors your regime to meet you where you are but designed to rapidly move you toward your goals. Don’t even try to think you won’t be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally. If you aren’t willing to do the work; you’d do well to ask yourself why because she will keep asking until you know the answer. Aina is wise way beyond her years and more than willing to share all that she’s learned in life; a vast array of information that is guaranteed to be helpful to you on your journey. You will not regret working with her; she’s a really special person.

Lyz C.



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