Personal Training

Pick things up and put them down.  This has been what personal training has been about for many, many years.  I don’t train people to pick things up and put them down.  I train you for the ultimate event: life.  I help you reach levels that you truly didn’t believe you could reach while having fun… sometimes.  I train you out of limiting beliefs about what is possible and show you how you can become anything you put your mind to and are willing to work towards becoming.

With me sweat is mandatory but being bored is not.  I keep your brain active while your body transforms.  You will be doing movements that you may not have done for years and in turn be shocked and amazed at the amount of fun you have all the while.  Your workouts will be tailored to your specific needs, physical limitations and goals.  Through physical movement we learn about the world around us.  I bring the world to you through pushing your limits physically.  It is not unusual for emotional and energetic healing to take place during a personal training session.

I love the gift that I am here to give.  I welcome you to reach out with any questions you may have.

I have a home studio that I train most of my clients out of or I can make house calls.  During the summer months I do take some clients outside.

Training sessions are usually one hour, however you have the option of 30, 45 or 90 minute sessions in addition.

The cost of personal training depends on the package that is agreed upon.  You can pay monthly, session by session or yearly.  Prices vary depending on the length of the session as well.

There is always a certain amount of nutritional and transformational coaching when you sign up for personal training with Coach Aina.  You are also given clear goals and homework that you are required to do.  This is about a lifestyle shift.



Training with Aina has changed my life in so many unanticipated and remarkable ways. Of course I’ve lost weight, gained muscle, gained endurance, etc., but it is the simultaneous shifts in my mental and spiritual well-being that really define the experience for me. The process of self discovery and self-realization that Aina’s training has opened for me has enabled me to break through barriers of all kinds and given me a new lease on every relationship in my life, most importantly my relationship with myself. I’ve never felt so empowered and optimistic about my ability to affect positive change in my own life and the lives of others. Training with Aina has given me the space to fall in love with myself, and the confidence to share that love with everyone.

Shannon K.