You are what you eat is not just a saying.  We consume our emotions, fears and our traumas.  What we eat energetically and what we eat in actuality shows up in how we feel, think and see the world.  We have been given so much information on what is or isn’t healthy, what we do or do not need to function at a peak level, and in turn have gotten so far away from our own nature and intuition that we don’t trust our senses.

With over 20 years of nutritional training and counseling experience I will help educate you on what works not just for your taste buds, but your body as you would like it to be, your clear and focused mind, and your energetic health.  Using whole plant nutrition, letting go of counting calories and moving towards listening to your higher self we will find your true north; the lifestyle that supports you on your personal path.

Food for the body, mind and soul.  It is the Coach Aina way!


Healthy Eating