About Me

I have been a Transformation Coach longer than the term has been used.  From a young age I have worked to bring people to their potential and continue to do so today.  My passion is your full expression.

Taking from my years as a Collegiate Coach, Personal Trainer, Elite Athlete, Fitness Expert and Life Coach I am able to design a program that focuses on communication, nutrition, movement or a combination of the three to bring you to the place that you dream of.  Whether that place is starting your own business, losing weight that you have never been able to, creating a relationship with food that is balanced and rewarding, or just feeling great, confident and able to do what you may never have dreamed possible, I can get you there.

Transformation means change.  I coach you through this change in a number of ways based on your needs, wishes and circumstances, so every client has a unique experience.  Change means adding, tweaking or letting go of some thing or one.  When anyone requests my help they are ready to transform, so know that if you are here, reading this, it is a sign that your life will be different, more of what you want will come to you and you are ready to do what it takes to make it happen for yourself.

If you are curious about me and Transformation Coaching there are many ways to connect and learn more.

If you are in the Seattle area you can take classes from me at Flywheel Sports™ or if you are online and just want some training ideas stay tuned as I begin my partnership with Cody Fitness.

I also coach remotely, so don’t let perceived distance get in the way.  Go to my contact page and connect.